An update on Yours Truly

I haven't been online in a long while so this update is going to be fairly long.

If you may not know already, I am now an in-betweener. I'm not in high school anymore and I'm not quite a college student. So that makes me in between. I did get to walk and the diploma IS signed. So it is official. I finally made it. After all those years of homework and teachers and putting up with petty bullshit, I finally get to escape from the hell hole I called school.

My graduation party went over smoothly. Lots of people showed up and there was enough food to serve a small army brigade. There was, of course, alcohol provided. I only had a wild berry wine cooler, a margarita wine cooler, and not even a quarter of a bottle of beer. Tamara, however, got shit faced. It was funny seeing her try to hit her brother, Tanner whenever he made a snide remark. Stephanie was there. She got pretty much the same way as Tamara. But she's not an angry drunk. She can tell some jokes though. I tell ya. She drove all the way back to Kingman [30 min west], and she later told my mom and I that when she got home, she realized she shouldn't have done that. She was more drunk than she thought. So she promised us that if she ever got that way again, she would just stay.

The day after my graduation, I went to Dodge City to see Andrea's. My class only had 64 people. Andrea's had about 350. So, I sat in the Civic Center for 3 hours to watch her, Tess, Tanner, Traza, Gracie, Ana, and TJ walk across the stage. But I was glad I got to see it. It was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to see all of my friends from elementary school make the walk from being a child to an adult.:) I was so proud. [God, now I sound like a parent. I better stop]
My week of HellCollapse )But, life sucks. What can I do? I guess I'll just have to be a single bum all summer. Work, work, work, exercise, and sleep. No relationships. Maybe an occasional trip to Fantasy, but that's it. I'll just wait until college. :) That's really all I can do. Wait.

So there you have it. My update.

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I'm Fi, an a-level student from Leeds, northern England. I'm interested in the political controversy surrounding what basically amounts to the treatment of queers as equal human beings.

I was scandalised by Bush's 'Marriage Protection Week' and as a bisexual with many many friends in the same position, felt my position threatened. As most of you will know, Britian sems to take delight in following America's lead politically, so it's worrying for us too.

I wrote this article at the time of Marriage Protection Wek and refined it for Alevel coursework. I though some of you might find it interesting...

During Marriage Protection Week, I call on all Americans to join me in expressing support for the institution of marriage with all its benefits to our people, our culture, and our society.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim the week of October 12 through October 18, 2003, as Marriage Protection Week. I call upon the people of the United States to observe this week with appropriate programs, activities, and ceremonies.

Let's start with establishing the purpose of Marriage Protection Week.
Look at the name. I'm an English student, but you don't even need a GCSE to see that this is very transparently wrapped up to look like a cutesy, cuddly all-American week of loving couples doting on their loving children in green parks. Picnics on manicured lawns. Maybe even wicker picnic baskets. A fluffy but clean dog enthusiastically but not stupidly bouncing to catch a bright Frisbee, expertly thrown by those cute children with their straight white teeth and valium smiles. Blushing brides in crisp white dresses next to square-jawed grooms beaming under showers of confetti.

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It's Decided

Last night my mom and I had a "discussion". In other words, I sat there doing my art while she just rambled on and on about how I need to have more "initiative" at what I want to do.
Ever since I told her that I was looking into going to DeVry, she's tried to get me out of the decision. She just keeps going on and on about how I hardly have any help from them and how expensive it's going to be living there in the apartments.
So I said, "Fine, I'll go to Ottawa." And then she had the nerve to go and say, "No, because then you won't be happy. I don't want you to make your decision because of me." But in all actuality, that's EXACTLY what she's doing. She wants me to go to Ottawa, because it's cheaper and it's closer. Plus, she doesn't like the idea of me in KC. "It's so big, and you'll get lost." Whatever.
I really want to go to DeVry. But I know if I go there, my mom will just keep nagging on me about "Why didn't you go to a cheaper college?" So, I guess I'm saying,"So long awesome career oppurtunity. Hello cheap teacher job."
My life sucks.
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My Weekend Continued

So, it was about 4:30am when we headed off for Denny's.
So it was still pretty dark out. Amanda, Kevin, and I
were in the very back, but Kevin ended up going with Justin
in his truck so they could talk about stereo systems. So, before
we got Donna and Jessica, Amanda and I were left alone in the back.
She said,"KaLeena, can you give me a back massage?" So, I started doing
what I always do, and started with the shoulders. Trevor had, by this time,
pulled into Jessica's driveway. So, Amanda scooted over as close as she could
next to me, so Donna could get in the back. When she did this, I had to put my
left arm around her waist, because my arm was not comfortable at an odd angle.
So, we left Jessica's house and made our way to Wichita. I was massaging with only
my right hand by this time, so my left hand was still around her waist. Just as we
got out of Cheney city limits, Amanda took a deep breath and slumped her shoulders
down. I thought,"okay, she's tired." But, not only was she just breathing, she was
putting her boob in my hand. (On purpose I might add)
This, of course, was a new experience for me with her. So, I just went with the flow
and everytime I massaged her shoulder, I massaged her through her shirt and bra.
This caused her head to fall back slightly. So, I took the initiative and moved my right hand out of the way and kissed her shoulder and neck. She didn't do anything. Luckily, we were finally at Denny's. If it took any longer, I had a feeling there'd be a show for everyone.

We haven't talked about that morning. But I have a feeling, if the chance were to arise again, we'd take it.
Well, that's about it.
I'll update more later.
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I just joined, and thought I'd say..well "HI".. so um, HI and all that jazz..k, Im a dork, but oh well.

I don't usually use my LJ account..but I was looking through my friends page on Blurty, and saw KaLeena mention this community on LJ and thought I'd join. :) Anyway, my name is Mandy, and Im 19/f/va incase ya wanted to know. And..I think that concludes my first entry in Ima go. TTYL.

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I got a link in Blurty to the American Family Association. After looking through the site, I decided to write them a little message. This is what I wrote:KaLeena's Little MessageCollapse )
If anyone feels the same way or wants to discuss it, reply to this or email me:
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The Game

Last night, our girl's bball team was playing against Belle Plaine for Sub-State competition.
Mr. TraxsonCollapse )
Anyway, today is a great day. It's raining super hard. I love this kind of weather.
Well, I gotta go back to the classroom now. So, goodbye for now.
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Who's that Spartan Under My TeePee?

It's ME! It's ME!

Hahaha..Just had to liven up my mood a little.
Hey howdy! I'm here!! It's good to be a member of
this slightly small community. Hopefully, we'll get
some more.
I watched The L Word tonight. It just keeps getting
better and better with each episode. If you haven't
seen it, or don't have Showtime, I suggest either watching
it or getting Showtime. It's an awesome show! I'd almost
go as far as saying it's better than QAF..but I won't. :)
Anywho, that's all for now.
I'll type more later!
As always, Peace Love and Rainbowish Harmony,
KaLeena xox
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